The  Oasis had its inauguration day took place at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce and it was one of the official Arab cultural events for 2011.  

Welcome to  

London Arabian Oasis School of Arabic (LAO) is an independent educational organisation that believes in a comprehensive approach to teaching Arabic and its culture. We started on the eleventh of January 2011.


Arabic Courses

This school offers Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)  courses  as  well  as spoken dialects and Media, Legal and Business Arabic courses.

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Arabic Calligraphy

We pride ourselves on offering excellent Arabic Calligraphy training at all levels.                
Arabic Language Course London


Culture and Events

The Oasis runs, sponsors and participates in cultural events in London, England, the UK and Europe. 
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 أهلاً وسهلاً بكم في

In our first six months of operation, until the end of June 2011 (in just six months time) students had enrolled for 452 hours of Arabic tuition. Of these 452 hours were (25%) Modern Standard Arabic, (65%) Spoken Dialects of Egypt, Gulf and Iraq, the Levant and Morocco and (10%) Calligraphy.